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Automotive Parts On Board and Hand Carry Same Day CourierAuomotive On Board Couriers

The automotive sector is a very busy industry that needs part, services and components from across the globe.  On numerous occasions Pony Sameday onboard hand hand carry couriers have collected and delivered parts around the world.  Often it may be that a plant in Guangdong, China has a line that is stopped and to restart production vital parts are needed.  Parts would be sourced from a global suppl chain or the nearest stock holding and it may mean that the required parts are in a plant in Europe.


Where ever the parts may be located, be it Wolfsburg, Germany or Sunderland, England our onboard couriers quickly get despatched to make the collection and hand carry the vital and time sensitive cargo from the collection point.  Once the parts are with our onboard hand carry couriers the OBC will take the next flight out from the nearest airport to the nearest destination airport.



Same Day Hand Carry Onboard Courier Service

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