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Aviation Industry

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Aviation Industry On Board Hand Carry Flight Couriers

The aviation industry is a vital link for our operations, not just as a supplier to our industry but also a user of the Pony Express onboard courier services.  Airlines all over the world rely on quality maintenance of fleets with nothing left to chance.  If a part is required but is not available locally then one must be sourced and delivered as soon as possible.

Pony Sameday Express Onboard Couriers is regularly contracted to serve first and business class passengers of airlines around the world.  Concierge desks of airlines often get request from wealthy first class and business class passengers who may have forgotten or left something behind, Pony Express is on hand to arrange the collection and delivery of such requirements.

We play a big role in parts movement for the aviation industry wher AOG (Aircraft on Ground) is interrupting operations and important parts are needed to get the aircraft back in the air, our services are called on to collect parts from other airports or manufacturer partners of airlines to deliver to the AOG.


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