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Onboard Courier to Shenzhen
Pony Sameday Express Onboard Couriers delivering your time critical documents, samples, merchandise and urgent consignments to Shenzhen, China
Take advantage of our special offer rates by booking your onboard courier in advance. All you need to do is book 24 hours prior to goods being ready for collection.
If your item must go straight away and as soon as possible, then give us a call and we can get your item collected within 60 minutes and in the air soon after.
Shenzhen, China

24 hour Booking


  • London to Shenzhen
  • Birmingham to Shenzhen
  • Europe to Shenzhen £2300
Book your onboard courier, faster than conventional delivery methods
How do we get your urgent item to its destination on time:

12:00 Client call received

Client calls our team with on board courier enquiry

12:10 quotation given

Within 10 minutes the client is given a quotation.

12:30 Client accepts

Client accepts quotation.

12:45 Client is sent invoice

Client is sent a full invoice with payment details.

13:00 Client makes payment

Client instructs their accounts department to make payment for procured service of onboard courier.

14:00 Collection

Onboard courier collects urgent item to be transported from client.

15:00 Arrival at airport

Onboard courier arrives at the departing airport, all bookings have been taken care of by the OBC support team and relayed to the courier.

17:45: Aircraft departs

Onboard courier is now in the air safely with the clients urgent item on route to destination.

02:30 Aircraft arrives

Onboard courier arrives at destination airport.

03:30 Clearance

Immigration and customs is cleared.

03:45 Collection of hire car

Onboard courier collects pre-booked hire/rental car.

04:45 Goods delivered

Onboard courier drives to delivery address and completes the job.

04:55 POD relayed

Onboard courier send copies of the proof of delivery to the OBC team.

05:00 Client notified

The OBC team relay the delivery confirmation to the client.

Speed of OBC Compared to Conventional:
Onboard Courier 17 hours or less
Express Courier 48 hours
Cargo 72 hours
Economy Courier 96 hours

Max load hand carry: 5kg

Items must be able to clear airport security, no liquids or excluded items from hand carry.

Max load aircraft hold: 20kg

Cargo must be able to fit into a suitcase and not be heavier than 20kg. Items should not be restricted goods for carriage by the aviation industry.

Airport: Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport (SZX)

Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport (SZX) is the main international airport that we will arrive at, in some instances our OBC team may make arrangements to arrive at another airport.

Airlines we use: Cathay Pacific, KLM, Air China, China Eastern, Emirates, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Air India

We reserve the right to use alternative airlines for operational reasons.

Areas of Shenzhen we deliver to:

Shatou Subdistrict 沙头街道 Shātóu Jiēdào Nanyuan Subdistrict 南园街道 Nányuán Jiēdào Yuanling Subdistrict 园岭街道 Yuánlǐng Jiēdào Huafu Subdistrict 华富街道 Huáfù Jiēdào Futian Subdistrict 福田街道 Fútián Jiēdào Xiangmihu Subdistrict 香蜜湖街道 Xiāngmìhú Jiēdào Lianhua Subdistrict 莲花街道 Liánhuā Jiēdào Meilin Subdistrict 梅林街道 Méilín Jiēdào Huaqiangbei Subdistrict 华强北街道 Huáqiángběi Jiēdào Fubao Subdistrict 福保街道 Fúbǎo jiēdào Huangbei Subdistrict 黄贝街道 Huángbèi Jiēdào Guiyuan Subdistrict 桂园街道 Guìyuán Jiēdào Dongmen Subdistrict 东门街道 Dōngmén Jiēdào Cuizhu Subdistrict 翠竹街道 Cuìzhú Jiēdào Dongxiao Subdistrict 东晓街道 Dōngxiǎo Jiēdào Nanhu Subdistrict 南湖街道 Nánhú Jiēdào Sungang Subdistrict 笋岗街道 Sǔngǎng Jiēdào Dōnghu Subdistrict 东湖街道 Dōnghú Jiēdào Liantang Subdistrict 莲塘街道 Liántáng Jiēdào Qingshuihe Subdistrict 清水河街道 Qīngshuǐhé Jiēdào Nantou Subdistrict 南头街道 Nántóu Jiēdào Nanshan Subdistrict 南山街道 Nánshān Jiēdào Shahe Subdistrict 沙河街道 Shāhé Jiēdào Xili Subdistrict 西丽街道 Xilì Jiēdào Shekou Subdistrict 蛇口街道 Shékǒu Jiēdào Zhaoshang Subdistrict 招商街道 Zhāoshāng Jiēdào Yuehai Subdistrict 粤海街道 Yuèhǎi Jiēdào Taoyuan Subdistrict 桃园街道 Táoyuán Jiēdào Haishan Subdistrict 海山街道 Hǎishān Jiēdào Yantian Subdistrict 盐田街道 Yántián Jiēdào Meisha Subdistrict 梅沙街道 Méishā Jiēdào Shatoujiao Subdistrict 沙头角街道 Shātóujiǎo Jiēdào Pingshan Subdistrict 坪山街道 Píngshān Jiēdào Biling Subdistrict 碧岭街道 Biling Jiedao Shijing Subdistrict 石井街道 Shijing Jiedao Kengzi Subdistrict 坑梓街道 Kēngzǐ jiēdào Longtian Subdistrict 龙田街道 Longtian Jiedao Maluan Subdistrict 马峦街道 Maluan Jiedao Longhua Subdistrict 龙华街道 Lónghuá Jiēdào Minzhi Subdistrict 民治街道 Mínzhì Jiēdào Dalang Subdistrict 大浪街道 Dàlàng Jiēdào Guanlan Subdistrict 观澜街道 Guānlán Jiēdào Fucheng Subdistrict 福城街道 Fúchéng Jiēdào Guanhu Subdistrict 观湖街道 Guānhú Jiēdào Xin'an Subdistrict 新安街道 Xīn'ān Jiēdào Shiyan Subdistrict 石岩街道 Shíyán Jiēdào Xixiang Subdistrict 西乡街道 Xixiāng Jiēdào Fuyong Subdistrict 福永街道 Fúyǒng Jiēdào Shajing Subdistrict 沙井街道 Shājǐng Jiēdào Songgang Subdistrict 松岗街道 Sōnggǎng Jiēdào Hangcheng Subdistrict 航城街道 Hángchēng Jiēdào Fuhai Subdistrict 福海街道 Fúhǎi Jiēdào Xinqiao Subdistrict 新桥街道 Xīnqiáo Jiēdào Yanluo Subdistrict 燕罗街道 Yànluō Jiēdào Guangming Subdistrict 光明街道 Guāngmíng Jiēdào Gongming Subdistrict 公明街道 Gōngmíng Jiēdào Xinhu Subdistrict 新湖街道 Xīnhú Jiēdào Fenghuang Subdistrict 凤凰街道 Fènghuáng Jiēdào Yutang Subdistrict 玉塘街道 Yùtáng Jiēdào Matian Subdistrict 马田街道 Mǎtián Jiēdào Longcheng Subdistrict 龙城街道 Lóngchéng Jiēdào Longgang Subdistrict 龙岗街道 Lónggǎng Jiēdào Henggang Subdistrict 横岗街道 Hénggǎng Jiēdào Buji Subdistrict 布吉街道 Bùjí Jiēdào Bantian Subdistrict 坂田街道 Bǎntián Jiēdào Nanwan Subdistrict 南湾街道 Nánwān Jiēdào Pinghu Subdistrict 平湖街道 Pínghú Jiēdào Pingde Subdistrict 坪地街道 Píngde Jiēdào Baolong Subdistrict 宝龙街道 Bǎolóng Jiēdào Jihua Subdistrict 吉华街道 Jíhuá Jiēdào Yuanshan Subdistrict 园山街道 Yuánshān Jiēdào Dapeng Subdistrict 大鹏街道 Dàpéng Jiēdào Kuichong Subdistrict 葵涌街道 Kuíchōng Jiēdào Nan'ao Subdistrict 南澳街道 Nán'ào Jiēdào

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