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Ras Al Khaimah

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Onboard Courier to Ras Al Khaimah
Pony Sameday Express On Board Couriers delivering your time critical documents, samples, merchandise and urgent consignments to Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.
Take advantage of our special offer rates by booking your onboard courier in advance. All you need to do is book 24 hours prior to goods being ready for collection.
If your item must go straight away and as soon as possible, then give us a call and we can get your item collected within 60 minutes and in the air soon after.
Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
How do we get you rurgent item to its destination on time:

10:30 Client call received

Client calls our team with on board courier enquiry

10:40 quotation given

Within 10 minutes the client is given a quotation.

11:30 Client accepts

Client accepts quotation.

11:15 Client is sent invoice

Client is sent a full invoice with payment details.

11:30 Client makes payment

Client instructs their accounts department to make payment for procured service of onboard courier.

12:30 Collection

Onboard courier collects urgent item to be transported from client.

13:30 Arrival at airport

Onboard courier arrives at the departing airport, all bookings have been taken care of by the OBC support team and relayed to the courier.

15:15: Aircraft departs

Onboard courier is now in the air safely with the clients urgent item on route to destination.

21:30 Aircraft arrives

Onboard courier arrives at destination airport.

22:00 Clearance

Immigration and customs is cleared.

22:15 Collection of hire car

Onboard courier collects pre-booked hire/rental car.

11:00 Goods delivered

Onboard courier drives to delivery address and completes the job.

23:10 POD relayed

Onboard courier send copies of the proof of delivery to the OBC team.

23:15 Client notified

The OBC team relay the delivery confirmation to the client.

24 hour Booking


  • London to Ras Al Khaimah
  • Birmingham to Ras Al Khaimah
  • Europe to Ras Al Khaimah £2100
Book your onboard courier, faster than conventional delivery methods
Onboard Courier 15 hours or less
Express Courier 48 hours
Cargo 72 hours
Economy Courier 96 hours

Max load hand carry: 5kg

Items must be able to clear airport security, no liquids or excluded items from hand carry.

Max load aircraft hold: 20kg

Cargo must be able to fit into a suitcase and not be heavier than 20kg. Items should not be restricted goods for carriage by the aviation industry.

Airport: Ras Al Khaimah International Airport (RKT)

Ras Al Khaimah International Airport (RKT) is the main international airport that we will arrive at, in some instances our OBC team may make arrangements to arrive at another airport. To get to the city of Ras Al Khaimah we also often use Dubai International Airport (DXB) or Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH).

Airlines we use: Etihad, Emirates, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and KLM

We reserve the right to use alternative airlines for operational reasons.

Areas of Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) we deliver to:

Al Darbijaniyah, Al Dhait (AlDhait, Al Dhaith, Al Daith) - North, South, A, B, C, Al Hamra, Al Hamrah, AlHamra, Al Hamra Village, Al Hudaihbah, Al Jazeera (Al Jazira, Al Jazeerah, (Jazirah), Al Juwais, Al Kharan, Al Nakheel, Al Saih (AlSaih), Al Seer, Al Soor, Al Uraibi, Al Zahra, Al Zaith, Dafan Al Khor, Dafan Al Nakheel, Dahan (Dhan), Jazeera Al Hamra, Julan, Julfar, Khuzam, Khouzam, Maareed, Mamourah (Mamoura, Mamoorah, Mamoora, Ma'moora), Nakheel (Al Nakheel, AlNakheel), Old Town RAK, Seih Al Burairat (Bourairat), Seih Al Hudaibah, Seih Al Uraibi, Al Ameera Village, Al Bustan, Al Butain, Al Dhran, Al Dahran, Al Jurf, Al Gurf, Al Jarf, Al Hamidiya, Al Hamidiyah, Hamidia, Hamidiah, Hamadiya, Al Hamriya, Al Hamriyah, Al Hillew, Hilew, Emirates Rd, Al Muntazi, Al Mushairef, Al Muwayhat, Al Muwaihat, Al Muweihat, Al Maweihat, Al Naemiyah, Naemiah, Naemiya, Naemia, Al Nakhil, Al Nakheel, Al Naseem, Manama, Al Owan, Al Rashidiya, Al Rashidiyah, Rashidiah, Rashidia, Al Rifaah, Rifa'a, Rifa'ah, Rifa, Rifah, Al Rowdha, Al Rumailah, Al Rumaila, Al Rumaylah, Al Sawan, Al Zahra, Al Zahraa, Al Zora, Al Zawarah, Al Zawara, Al Zorah, Az Zora Al Hamriayah side of Ajman Creek, Awali City, Awaali, Emirates City, Emirates City, Escape, Escape Villas, Garden City, Ajman Garden City, Al Hamadiyah, Green City, Al Helio, Hatta, not Ajman, Etihad Village, Al Helio, Manama, Al Manamah, Marmooka City, Mazeria, Meadows Ajman, Ajman Meadows, Al Helio Meidan, Al Tallah, Meydan Al Talla, Ajman camel race track, Mushairef, Al Mushairif, Mushairef Commercial, New Industrial Area, New Sanaiyah, Sanayah, Saniya, Old Industrial Area, Old Saniyah, Sanaiah, Sanaiya, Safia Island, Al Safiya, Safiyah, Safiah Island, Subaikah, Subaikha,

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