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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Onboard Courier or OBC?

Onboard Couriers are personnel employed by OBC companies to carry urgent time sensitive items onboard flights as hand carry cargo. This option is the quickest possible method for cargo to travel.

What is a personal courier?

A personal courier is someone who collects an item and hand delivers the goods to final destination personally.

Are there any restrictions on what can be sent via OBC as hand carry?

As per CAA and FAA guidelines, items that can be sent as hand carry must be such that have no restrictions to be carried into flight cabins by passengers. Items and cargo such as documents, memory cards, USB sticks, computer parts, keys and items that can be safely stowed in overhead cabins are accepotable for travel in aircraft cabins.  Liquids, flammable items, narcotics, sharps, knives, live ammunition, rifles, guns, pets, live animals, birds, large amounts of spices and other restricted items will not be accepted for travel by our Onboard Courier Team.

What is Door to Door?

As the name suggests, this service ensures collection from your premise by our diplomat who will then be making delivery to your customer or clients premises worldwide.

What is a hand carry shipment?

Hand Carry shipments are, as the name suggests that goods are personally hand carried by an OBC from collection to destination.  This service is highly secure and ensures timely delivery of urgent goods worldwide.

Can I send consignments anywhere in the world?

Our onboard couriers can be sent with consignments almost anywhere in the world, however some countries may have restrictions on such movements, such as war zones, territories of dispute, countries hit by natural disasters and countries without airports or sufficient infrastructure to travel.

If a requirement by our client arose to deliver in a place mentioned above, we would consult the relevant authorities and FCO in the country of delivery and try to work a solution for delivery.It may mean chartering an aircraft or helicopter to complete the task and contracting local personnel.

Does Pony Sameday OBC provide any tracking?

Our dedicated Onboard Courier Team will relay tracking information to you every step of the way, you can choose to be informed of the delivery progress as often as you like.  The OBC Team will keep in touch with the Onboard Courier along the journey and track flights using state of the art flight tracking software.  All information will be sent to the Client.  You will also be issued with a tracking number which you can use to track your consignment and view status updates.

Are my freight/cargo/goods insured?

Pony Sameday does not automatically insure items carried using the onboard courier service, however we can certainly arrange goods in transit insurance for your items.  You may also want to check with your current insurers, as the goods being transported may already be covered by your own business insurance or they may offer insurance for an additional premium.

What is the cost of the On Board Courier Service?

The onboard Courier Delivery Service is tailor made to each clients requirements, therefore all pricing and quotations are generated accordingly.  Its easy to get a quote just input collection and delivery details for an instant OBC quotation or give our team a call and we can provide quotations within seconds. 

What security checks and procedures are made prior to collection and during delivery?

The collecting courier will make visible checks of the cargo, the customer needs to keep the package open for inspection.  Customs officers or other officials may open and inspect your cargo at ports of embarkment and disembarkment.  Pony Express will always declare to security officials that they are on assignment when carrying customer cargo.

Will my package be unattended at any time?

Your package if travelling as hand carry baggage will always be with the Onboard Courier, however larger items that cannot be taken into the aircraft cabin will travel as checked baggage and will be unattended during flight.  Most of the consignments travel as hand carry and are always accompanied by our Onboard Courier.

Can I send items that are too large to be carried as hand carry baggage?

Any item of any size can be sent with our Onboard Couriers.  However if the size is greater than that allowed by the airlines as hand carry baggage, then the item will be stowed and carried inside the aircrafts hold.  There mayt be addditional costs for oversized items.

I do not want my item flying over US Aerospace, can you help?

Depending on where the collection is from, we can ensure your cargo only travels on flights that do not enter US Aerospace; for example if collection is from Reykjavík and delivery is required in Mexico we would travel to London from Reykjavík and then board a direct flight to Mexico from London avoiding US Aerospace.  We would find flight path information prior to booking.

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