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Film & TV Courier

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Film & TV

The production set is in Switzerland or Singapore and the rushes or equipment needs to be delivered to Los Angeles, Mumbai or London and this need to be done urgently and ASAP.  Pony Express OBC will meet you at your location, office, hotel or studio to collect and then head to the airport for the first flight out.

Rushes are sent by Onboard Couriers from worldwide locations at the end of the day to studios, production companies and news rooms back in countries where scheduled airing of productions are happening.  Not only the Film & TV industry rely upon onboard couriers for the transportation of the rushes but are also used for the movement and delivery of TV equipment, cameras, sets, props, recording equipment and cast luggage all hand carried by the flight couriers.

Hollywood or Bollywood stars can be demanding and producers have to fulfill their every need, sometimes the stars may be missing a home luxury that needs to be collected and delivered to the big celebrity on set.  This is where one call to Pony Express Onboard Couriers will take the pressure off you and let you get on with your work and leave the worry of collecting the important item to us.

If you require a regular contract for collections from locations around the world then we can provide your studio or production company with a competative quotation with our excellent service and experience.

Nationwide Coverage

Our same day courier service offers speedy, secure and reliable collection coverage throughout the UK and Europe, send your urgent film rushes, parts and equipment.  We have all the correct solutions for your needs.

What ever the film industry requires as fast as possible, let Pony Sameday OBC help.

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