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IT Equipment Courier

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IT Equipment Courier

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If computer equipment fails or malfunctions then an engineer is called out to diagnose the problem and try to repair.  In most cases the engineer will carry parts and will fix the problem whilst attending.  In some situations where a part is not carried by the engineer, the part will need to be ordered and delivered by a courier.  If the part is not locally available it may become necessary to source the part from overseas.


The Onboard Couriers at Pony Sameday OBC are experienced in collecting important IT equipment or parts from all over the world and deliver them to the destination where the items are urgently required.  In time critical situations where lines have stopped, mainframes are down, servers are not responding, hard drives are corrupted, databases are down and business is interrupted, Pony Express OBC will at least lessen you worry of delivering the required IT equipment or part.


No matter if the collection is from Berlin or Silicon Valley, we are there to make things easier for you, with our IT Equipment Courier for urgent delivery by hand worldwide.

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