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Kangaroo Route

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We received a call at 11am Tuesday from a FTSE 100 company who required a collection of a envelope containing one sheet of paper from a Private Bank in London.  Within 15 minutes the quotation was generated and sent to the client.

The Client accepts the quotation and confirm the booking by issuing a purchase order.  Our dedicated OBC Team dispatch the nearest courier to make the collection with the Onboard Courier despatched to London Heathrow Airport (LHR).  The courier collects the envelope from the client at 12:30pm and meets the Onboard Courier at LHR at 13:40pm.

The Onboard Courier was booked on the 14:15 Emirates flight from LHR to DXB, connecting on to the kangaroo route with one stop at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL).  Upon arrival at Tullamarine International Airport (MEL), the Onboard Courier clears immigration and customs through fasttrack.  Once outside the airport the courier hires a taxi to complete the last leg of the journey.

POD was signed at destination by the recipient at 02:30am, some 28 hours after initial call.

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