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Pony Sameday On Board Courier Network - Partner Programme

At Pony Sameday we are always looking to expand our on board and hand carry courier network, if you are ambitious and flexible to travel the world and grow your own business then we can partner together to enhance our reach in the on board courier industry.  This is a highly time sensitive industry and only suitable for partners who have initiative to overcome problems fast as they arise.

To join our global network, we require the following:

  1. Experienced on board couriers
  2. Flexible to travel at a minutes notice
  3. Ready to create and run your own business

What you need to do to join our on board courier network

  1. Have a physical address to operate your business, we will add your address under the Pony On Board website and add to Google My Business and Bing.  You will need to send us the Google and Bing verification codes to verify your business address.
  2. You will promote your business in your area and country as our partner.
  3. All assignments undertaken will be under the Pony Sameday company.
  4. Add your self to our Facebook page
  5. Add our company WhatsApp on
  6. Review our website on TrustPilot

Payments and Commission for On Board Missions

How Pony Sameday and our partners can make money from on board courier assignments:

  1. All prices for assignments are quoted by our online calculator to customers.
  2. OBC will book all necessary costs associated with the assignment.
  3. Once assignment is completed Pony Sameday will transfer the booking price minus 25% commission to the OBC partner.
  4. On Board Courier Network partner can take direct payment from clients and transfer 25% fee to us once assignment is complete.

Responsibilities of our OBC Partners

  1. Once a booking is confirmed the partner must collect the urgent items within time agreed with client:
  2. Make all flight, hotel and taxi bookings ASAP.
  3. Make way to airport to board pre-booked flight.
  4. On board courier network partner to deliver item ASAP.
  5. Always keep client informed.
  6. Relay completion to client in form of telephone. email, WhatsApp and Fax.

What you can Expect from Pony Sameday Onboard Couriers

Once you become a partner with Pony Sameday, you will become a service provider for our on board and hand carry courier service worldwide.  At Pony Sameday we do not like to make claims that are untrue, this industry is a niche industry and very cut-throat.  You will only receive jobs and assignments as and when they are generated through our system and we do not guarantee any work or jobs.  We endeavour to market and advertise our partner area on our website, social media and other online and offline channels.  When you receive a job or assignment you can expect:

  1. Prompt payments.
  2. lucrative returns.
  3. Travel the world.
  4. Gain more experience.

Join our On Board Courier Network

If you are a on board courier or company that offers services in countries that we may not have a presence or base, and have what it takes, then we may benefit from working together as partners.



On Board Courier Network


Pony Sameday On Board Courier Network

By having your company details and contact information on our website, customers can easily find on board couriers in their country.  As a provider you will complete the job on behalf of the customer and invoice the customer directly.  You do not pay us anything until you get a job or assignment, we don't charge any monthly subscriptions or fees.  We want to grow our business together.

For more information contact us through the contacts page with your details or click here


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