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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions for On Board Courier Partners

1. Why should I become a pony Sameday On Board Courier Partner?

Pony Sameday is a leading on board and hand carry courier service provider and is always looking for ways to grow its reach and network.  Together we can offer clients a wider coverage resulting in more missions covered.

2. Will the on board courier work be guaranteed?

Work is not guaranteed as some areas are more busy than others, for example a on board courier in London will be more busier than a OBC in San Diego.  What this platform does is enables OBC's to offer such services in their locality, where normally such providers would not exist.

3. If i accept a mission then decide to cancel, what happens?

The number one rule in this industry is that if you accept a mission from a client you must complete it.  No excuses.  If we find out that a partner has let down a client by cancelling a live job, we take strict measures and will dissolve our partnership.  You are free to refuse to do a mission, but once you accept you need to complete.

4. What paper work do I need when completing a hand carry or on board mission?

You will be provided with the following:

On Board Engagement Document - This outlines and schedules your complete trip and provides all the information regarding the mission.

Packing list and commercial invoices will be supplied by client.

5. Who pays and customs or duty charges?

All taxes are paid by the client, in some instances you may need to use your own credit/debit card to pay for such charges.  In any event the client will cover charges.

6. Who makes the flight bookings?

If the client books with a partner then they must complete all flight, hotel, taxi, and parking bookings.  If we receive the booking and ask a partner to complete the mission then we can make all necessary booking or the partner can choose to make their own arrangements.

7. Why do I need a credit card with a large credit limit?

A credit card with a large credit limit can come handy if a problem arises whilst on a mission, you may need to re-route, extend your stay or pay customs charges.

8. When do I get paid for on board courier jobs?

All On Board Courier missions are pre-paid by the client.  What ever the cost agreed must be paid by the client prior to the commencement of the journey.

9. Who owns or operates onboardcouriers.net?

Onboardcouriers.net is owned and operated by Pony Sameday Ltd.

10. How do I become an on board courier?

With Pony Sameday we have the partner registration, when you become a partner with us you will become the on board and hand carry courier in your area or you can contact one of our partners and become a sub-contractor or freelance courier for them.

11. Do courier flights still exist?

Courier flights as they were in the 80's and 90's do not exist anymore.  Couriers now book there own flights as regular passengers.

12. I want to be an on board courier?

You will need to get in touch with an onboard courier delivery company and sign up in your country.

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