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To ensure swift movement of your important packages through airport security and handling by the onboard couriers we suggest the following:

Make sure packages are ready for inspection by the onboard courier at the time of collection.

Seal the package infront of the onboard courier or have the OBC seal your package.

Make sure the cargo is packed securely in a envelope, box, case or bag depending on the items being transported.

Use bubble wrap, parcel tape and mailing bags if necessary.

Most importantly, you should label the package with full delivery address and contact numbers.

Use warning labels to describe contents, such as 'Fragile handle with care' or 'Do not bend'.  Pony Express has developed warning labels that have the warnings in different languages and will be provided free of charge to our customers.



If you would like our couriers to bring packaging materials with them at time of collection then contact the control centre to make the request.

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