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Premium Service

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Premium Service 

Pony Express Concierge Services have designed a service demanded by its customers, for the affluent, wealthy and extremely busy clients, a service unrivalled has been created.  With years of experience serving demanding clientele, Pony Express OBC has seized the opportunity to serve and expand its services and now offer members only concierge services.

Pony Express will continue to serve clients on an ad-hoc basis as previously done, the Premium Concierge Service will have extra benefits for members.  The Pony Express Premium Concierge Service is a premium service and with any premium product there is always a premium price tag, clients often provide feedback stating the cost of services provided out-way the results.

What is possible?

It would probably be easier to state what is not possible using Pony Express's Premium Concierge Service.  At Pony Express Premium Concierge Service nothing is impossible.

If a client wants or has an urge for white strawberries from Japan then we will make the arrangements and the client will be enjoying white strawberries from Japan in a matter of hours.

We had a request from a client who's son asked him where sugar comes from, we were hired to bring back a sugar cane and that it should be at least 5ft tall.  The team quickly researched and found that India would be the best place to get the sugar cane back to the UK within the fastest amount of time.

Many times we have shopped for weird, strange and hard to find items for clients; just tell us what the product is and leave the rest to the team at Pony Express Concierge Services.

It's not a service, it's your wish...

If the client is prepared to pay, we will go to the ends of the earth to make it happen.  It's our job.


Everything we do is treated as a luxury experience for the client, every task, every detail and every time we ensure that the client not only gets what he has asked but gets the task done with elegance.

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