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Onboard Courier

The on-board courier or OBC service provides you with an experienced courier ready to take your cargo or package as cabin baggage and fly to any destination in the world as required.

Diplomatic Service

The diplomatic service allows you to send our onboard couriers to your clients acting on your behalf. Our couriers will be instructed to wear plain clothes and must act as staff of the client. This service will provide your client with a very personal experience.

Extra Security

If your product requires extra security we can send a SIA licensed guard with your package to provide that extra peace of mind. The SIA Security Agent will accompany the onboard courier and your package from collection to delivery.

Aircraft Waiting

A small or light aircraft may be required to transport your cargo domestically in the destination country. If this is required we will take care of chartering a small or light aircraft to complete the journey.

Helicopter Waiting

To speed your delivery even more you may opt for a waiting helicopter at the destination airport to fly your important time sensitive materials to the delivery point.

Wait and Return

This service is designed for clients requiring parts to be finished and returned, our courier will take your part to its destination and wait until the part is reworked and finished for return. The onboard courier will then return your part back to collection point. This service may be used in the event of obtaining signatures on contracts from clients, customers and colleagues around the world.

Just in Time

In some cases parts may be required to ensure a line does not stop, you can send our onboard courier just in time (JIT) to ensure parts are received and line never stops.

Notice Served

Courts, Solicitors, Law Firms and Government Officials often need to serve notices. If the person or company that the notice is to be served on is in a different country, we can assist by sending our onboard couriers to serve the notice on your behalf, obtaining signatures, photographs and video proof of the notice being served.

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