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Medical Couriers

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Medical On Board Couriers

Pony Sameday On Board Couriers offers a complete range of dedicated onboard courier services to all areas of the healthcare Sector ranging from NHS Facilities, Primary Care Trusts, MRI, Pathology Labs, Cosmetic Surgeries, Pharmaceuticals, Blood Banks, Organ Banks, Tissue Testing Labs, Doctors Surgeries and Private Practices and Clinics.

Regular collections of specimens to be delivered to laboratories worldwide, handled securely and safely in corrective packaging. Depending on the item to be collected we can arrange for dry ice packs to be used during transit.

Specialising in time critical deliveries Pony Sameday Express OBC can get your samples or life saving drugs to the destination in the quickest time possible. Regardless if the item being carried is a blood sample or 20 years of research by a Doctor at Oxford University, we will treat each package with the highest level of importance.

Medical records may require retrieving from storage locations around the world, and delivered to hospitals or doctors waiting to perform vital operations. If this is the scenario, we can certainly assist. We will ensure your medical records, X-rays, CTC scans, medical notes, mail, and any other private and confidential materials are transported securely in a locked briefcase by our secure on board couriers.

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