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Tender Courier

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Tender Courier Service

In business Tenders or Bid Documents are considered as the most important document for the winning of new business and for buyers an excellent method for procurement.  Tender documents are completed and submitted sealed, usually in plain white envelopes without any identification markings.  Companies tender for business all over the world, with large businesses bidding for new or existing business in different countries.

Pony Express OBC can help deliver and submit your tender to any destination worldwide.  There is a method on how a tender document is submitted and we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure the submission rules are complied with.  Our Onboard Courier will get a receipt from the recipient proving that the tender was succesfully delivered on time.

Our couriers will not mark the envelope in any way and will not leave a delivery note with the recipient, this will ensure the submission rules are complied with.  As extra proof of delivery our Onboard Courier will make a video on his mobile phone of the succesfull deliver and send it to the Client by email.

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