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Takeaway Food Courier Delivery

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The Takeaway

We have all heard the one where the Prince or famous celebrity orders their favourite takeaway from thousands of miles away and have it delivered to them...

What really happens when such a request is made: Takeaway Food Delivery

The Celebrity, Royalty or The Rich call their favourite restaurant or takeaway and place the order, providing delivery details.

The takeaway or restaurant call upon the services of an OBC (Onboard Courier) such as Pony Express OBC to hand carry the meal to its destination worldwide.  This could be in Beverly Hills or The Principality of Monaco.  Pony Express would consult with the restaurant and advise on how the food should be packaged and the required temperature needed.

Pony Sameday would use containers specially designed to carry hot meals for long periods of time, the containers would be securely packaged so that the food is kept safe and secure.  Pony Express will if required use the services of hotels and restaurants in destination cities to further heat the food and repackage if required to ensure the contents are hot and delivered as expected by the client for their takeaway food delivery.

The client will surely be impressed, not only by the food but the service of the logistics and transport provider on getting the meal delivered.


Same Day Deliver Using The Hand Carry Onboard Courier Service


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