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Visa Collection

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Visa Collection - Same Day, Hand Carry Onboard Courier Service

Client requetsed our office to arrange the colletion of a passport and documents from Abu Dhabi and to fly immediatly out to Canberra.  Our Onboard Hand Carry Courier was quickly despatched from London to collect the passport and documents from Abu Dhabi.  Once collected our courier boarded the next flight to Canberra, Australia.

Once arriving in Australia our courier was given some extra tasks to complete and then submit the visa application at the Embassy.  It was now a waiting game...

The visa was granted and the passport collected by the same courier, once the package was collected the onboard courier was back on a flight to Abu Dhabi.

Reaching Abu Dhabi the onboard hand carry courier delivered the documents and cleared the job and finally had a well earned rest.

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